SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Paper PDF in hindi


SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Paper PDF

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Today, we are sharing SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Paper PDF in hindi. It can prove very useful for upcoming competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, BANK, Railway, CTET, UPTET, Teacher Exam, and many more. This CTET/UPTET Question Answer PDF will be very helpful for your exam. This PDF is being provided to you for free which you have given below DOWNLOAD button You can do DOWNLOAD by clicking on it, you can also go to the related notes and DOWNLOAD some new PDF related to this PDF. You can learn about all the new updates on by clicking on the Allow button on the screen.

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SSC CHSL Previous Year Question with Solutions:-

Compound Interest
Q1) The compound interest on a sum of Rs. 5000/- at 8% per annum for 9 months when interest is compound quarterly is?

a) Rs. 300

b) Rs. 300.12

c) Rs. 306.04

d) Rs. 308

Ans: c

Q2) What is the compound interest (in Rs) on a principal sum of Rs. 2800 for 2 years at a rate of 12% per annum?

a) 687.18

b) 634.46

c) 712.32

d) 568.68

Ans: c

Q3) The edge of an ice cube is 14cm. The volume of the largest cylindrical ice cube that can be formed out of it is?

a) 2200

b) 2000

c) 2156

d) 2400

e) None of the above

Ans: c

Q4) A rope makes 125 rounds of a cylinder with base radius 15cm. How many times can it go-round with base radius 25cm?

a) 100

b) 75

c) 80

d) 65

e) None of the above

Ans: b

Number System
Q5) The number 323 has

a) three prime factors

b) five prime factors

c) two prime factors

d) no prime factor

Ans: c

Q6) The least number that should be added to 2055 so that the sum is exactly divisible by 27 is

a) 28

b) 24

c) 27

d) 31

Ans: b

Important 10+2 questions and Answer:

Mixtures & Allegations
Q7) The cost of three different varieties of rice A, B, and C is Rs. 20/kg, Rs. 25/kg and Rs. 30/kg respectively. If A, B, C are mixed together in the ratio of 2: 1: 2, what will be the cost of mixture per kg?

a) Rs. 75

b) Rs. 25

c) Rs. 30

d) Rs. 125 e) Rs. 100

Ans: b

Q8) A mixture contains water and milk in the ratio of 3: 5. If 4 litres of water and 5 litres of milk are added to the mixture, the ratio of water and milk becomes 2 : 3. What is the quantity of water in the final mixture?

a) 11 litres

b) 12 litres

c) 8 litres

d) 10 litres

e) 9 litres

Ans: d

Q9) If x is an acute angle such that Tan (4x – 50°) = Cot ( 50° – x), then the value of x would be?

a) 60

b) 45

c) 50

d) 30

Ans: d

Q10) If cosec 9x= sec 9x (0<x<10), what is the value of x?

a) 9°

b) 3°

c) 5°

d) 6°

Ans: c

Q11) If 3.352 – (9.759 – x ) – 19.64 = 7.052, then what is the value of x?

a) -6.181

b) 13.581

c) 33.099

d) 39.803

Ans: c

Q12) If 2x – 2(4 – x) < 2x – 3 < 3x + 3; then x can take which of the following values?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Ans: a

Important 10+2 questions and Answer:

Q13) The average revenues of 9 consecutive years of a company is Rs 68 lakhs. If the average of the first 5 years is Rs 63 lakhs and that of the last 5 years is Rs 75 lakhs, find the revenue for the 5th year?

a) Rs 80 lakhs

b) Rs 76 lakhs

c) Rs 78 lakhs

d) Rs 74 lakhs

Ans: c

Q14)The average revenues of 7 consecutive years of a company is Rs 71 lakhs. If the average of the first 4 years is Rs 66 lakhs and that of the last 4 years is Rs 78 lakhs. What is the revenue for the fourth year?

a) Rs 81 lakhs

b) Rs 77 lakhs

c) Rs 79 lakhs

d) Rs 75 lakhs

Ans: c

Seating Arrangement
Q15) Six family members Pankaj, Gopi, Chetan, Dinesh, Akash and Vyom are standing around a circular table. Gopi is between Vyom and Chetan. Pankaj is between Akash and Dinesh. Vyom is to the immediate right of Dinesh. Who is opposite to Dinesh?

a) Pankaj

b) Chetan

c) Vyom

d) Gopi

Ans: b

Q16) P, Q, R, S and T are sitting together. T is at one extreme end. P is the neighbour of T and is third to the left of Q. Who is fourth to the right of T?

a) P

b) T

c) Q

d) S

Ans: c

Important 10+2 questions and Answer:

Q17) Statement: Aggressive animals can be trained with care and affection to behave as the occasion demands.


I. Trained dogs cannot be aggressive.

II. Animals are always aggressive unless care and affection are given to them.

a) Both I and II follow

b) Only I follow

c) Only II follows

d) Neither I nor II follows

Ans: d

Q) Statement: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Conclusions :

I. All are friends in good times.

II. Enemies in bad times are not friends.

a) Neither conclusion I nor II follows

b) Only conclusion I follow

c) Only conclusion II follows

d) Both conclusions I and II follow

Ans: a

Important 10+2 questions and Answer:

Logical Reasoning
Q18) Y, T, O, J,?

a) G

b) E

c) F

d) D

Ans: b

Q19) If today is Thursday, then what day of the week will it be after 147 days?

a) Monday

b) Sunday

c) Saturday

d) Thursday

Ans: d

Q20) ABC: GHI:: OPQ:?

a) VWX

b) STU

c) UVW

d) RST

Ans: c

Q21) Tiger: Tigress:: Bull:?

a) calf

b) Ox

c) Buffalo

d) Cow

Ans: d

Blood Relations
Q22) R is the sister of M who is the brother of H. D is the mother of K who is the brother of M. How is R related to D?

a) Sister

b) Daughter

c) Mother

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

Ans: b

Q23) Pointing to the lady in the photograph, Seema said, “Her son’s father is the son-in-law of my mother”. How is Seema related to the lady?

a) Sister

b) Mother

c) Cousin

d) Aunt

e) None of these

Ans: a

Q24) Vineet is taller than Raman but shorter than Jyoti. Sumit is the shortest. Deepak is taller than Sumit but shorter than Raman. Who is the tallest?

a) Jyoti

b) Raman

c) Vineet

d) Deepak

Ans: a

Important 10+2 questions and Answer:

Q25) There are five boys P, Q, R, S and T standing in a line. Q is taller than T but shorter than P. S is shorter than T but taller than R. Who is the shortest?

a) S

b) R

c) T

d) P

Ans: b

Q26) What is the FDI limit for Civil Aviation?

a) 49%

b) 0.51

c) 1

d) None of the above

Ans: a

Q27) Who is the current road, transport, highways and shipping minister (as of 26 February 2018)?

a) Jairam Ramesh

b) Manohar Parikkar

c) Nitin Gadkari

d) Jayant Sinha

Ans: c

Q28) Name the recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award, 2019 for Trade and Industry (Food Processing).

a) Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati

b) Narsingh Dev Jamwal

c) Harvinder Singh Phoolka

d) Vallabhbhai Vasrambhai Marvaniya

Ans: a

Q29) Tennis player Somdev Kishore Devvarman was awarded the… 2018?

a) Padma Bushan

b) Bharat Ratna

c) Padma Vibhushan

d) Padma Shree

Ans: d

Computer 10+2

Q30) Which among the following is the name given to the cursor for the computer language ‘LOGO”?

a) Robot

b) Frog

c) Spider

d) Turtle

Ans: d

Important 10+2 questions and Answer:

Q31) Which of the following was used as circuitry for the first generation of computers?

a) Vacuum Tube

b) Transistors

c) Integrated circuits

d) Microprocessors

Ans: a

General Science 10+2:-

Q32) Who discovered Pluto?

a) Jim Maxwell

b) Tim Heynman

c) Myne Ketteborough

d) Clyde Tombaugh

Ans: d

Q33) In terms of size, Venus ranks no. in our Solar System.

a) 5

b) 6

c) 7

d) 8

Ans: b

Q34) Who was the first ruler of Pala dynasty?

a) Gopala

b) Vivyanathan

c) Dharmapala

d) Bhaskaran

Ans: a

Q35) Who was the trusted General of the Mughal emperor Akbar?

a) raj Todar Mal

b) Man Singh I

c) Birbal

d) Tansen

Ans: b

Error Spotting

Q36) The new inner ring road in Hyderabad (1)/ is a bane to the commuters (2)/ as it is estimated to reduce (3)/ the travelling times by up to 50% (4)/ No error (5).

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4 e) 5

Ans: b

Q37) The confederacy rested (1)/ upon the tribes ostensibly, (2)/ but primarily (3)/ at common gentes (4)/ No error (5)

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4 e) 5

Ans: d

Idioms & Phrases
Q38) There is no cut and dried method for doing this.

a) Simple

b) Honest

c) Readymade

d) Understandable

Ans: c

Q39) Hold your horses for a moment while I make a phone call.

a) Be patient

b) stay out

c) Be quiet

d) wait

Ans: d

Fill in the Blanks

Q40) The flash of the torch …….a cobra

a) Exposed

b) Displayed

c) Disclosed

d) Revealed

Ans: d

Q41) It was his……that led him to penury

a) Flamboyance

b) Arrogance

c) Extravagance

d) Ebillience

Ans: c

Q42) Select the synonym of Bristle

a) Thorn

b) Tranquil

c) Friction

d) Sleek

Ans: a

Q43) Confuse

a) Explicate

b) Perplex

c) Mix

d) Divert

Ans: b

Q44) Castigated

a) Approve

b) Rate

c) Flay

d) Drub

Ans: a

Q45) Deliberate

a) Judge

b) Imprudent

c) Cogitate

d) Argue

Ans: b


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